Repair and service Audi A8 in body D2 with 1994 for 1999 of release.
1. Car operation
1.1. Keys
1.2. Doors
1.3. Electric glass elevators
1.4. Installation of mirrors
1.5. Seat belts
1.6. System of pillows of safety
1.7. Seats
1.8. Adjustment of a steering column
1.9. A lay brake
1.10. An automatic transmission
1.11. The ignition lock
1.12. Engine start-up
1.13. Controls, devices and the equipment
1.14. The onboard computer
1.15. Switches and switches
1.16. Cleaners and washers of glasses
1.17. Heating and ventilation
1.18. The conditioner
1.19. An independent heating system and ventilation
1.20. Management symbols
1.21. A cowl
1.22. A motor compartment
1.23. An autoradio tape recorder
2. Maintenance service
3. Petrol engines of 2,8 l
4. Petrol engines of 3,7 and 4,2 l
5. Diesel engines of 2,5 l
6. Diesel engines of 3,3 l
7. Systems of ignition and injection of fuel of petrol engines
8. System of release of the fulfilled gases of cars with petrol engines
9. The power supply system of diesel engines
10. System of prestarting heating of diesel engines
11. System of release of the fulfilled gases of cars with diesel engines
12. Greasing system
13. Cooling system
14. Coupling
15. A transmission
16. Shaft of a drive of forward wheels
17. Features of a design of transmission of all-wheel drive cars
18. A suspension bracket
19. Wheels and tyres
20. A steering
21. Brake system
22. A body
23. Heating and air-conditioning system
24. An electric equipment
25. Electric schemes


1.8. Adjustment of a steering column

Fig. 1–26. Directions of moving of the lock handle () at mechanical adjustment of position of a steering column

Mechanical adjustment
The steering column can бесступенчато be adjusted on an angle of slope and height. For this purpose it is necessary to wring out downwards the lock handle And (fig. 1–26), located under a steering column, and to establish a steering column in desirable position. After that it is necessary to draw in the lock handle with effort upwards.

To regulate position of a steering column follows only on the motionless car.
For safety the lock handle always should be drawn reliably in upwards that during movement its position could not change suddenly.

Electric adjustment

Fig. 1–27. An arrangement of the switch of position of a steering column () and buttons () movings of a steering column forward and upwards

The switch And (fig. 1–27) serves for бесступенчатой adjustments of a steering column on an angle of slope and height at the switched off ignition.
For moving of a steering column upwards / downwards or forward / press in the corresponding party back and keep the switch before installation of a steering column in demanded position.
On cars with memory of position of a seat of the driver position of a steering column also remains in memory.

Simplification of landing
For simplification of landing at the expense of shift of a steering column in position an input / the exit serves the button of Century
By pressing the button In a steering column will mix up forward and upwards. After ignition inclusion the steering column comes back in a starting position.

1.7. Seats

1.9. A lay brake