Repair and service Audi A8 in body D2 with 1994 for 1999 of release.
1. Car operation
1.1. Keys
1.2. Doors
1.3. Electric glass elevators
1.4. Installation of mirrors
1.5. Seat belts
1.6. System of pillows of safety
1.7. Seats
1.8. Adjustment of a steering column
1.9. A lay brake
1.10. An automatic transmission
1.11. The ignition lock
1.12. Engine start-up
1.13. Controls, devices and the equipment
1.14. The onboard computer
1.15. Switches and switches
1.16. Cleaners and washers of glasses
1.17. Heating and ventilation
1.18. The conditioner
1.19. An independent heating system and ventilation
1.20. Management symbols
1.21. A cowl
1.22. A motor compartment
1.23. An autoradio tape recorder
2. Maintenance service
3. Petrol engines of 2,8 l
4. Petrol engines of 3,7 and 4,2 l
5. Diesel engines of 2,5 l
6. Diesel engines of 3,3 l
7. Systems of ignition and injection of fuel of petrol engines
8. System of release of the fulfilled gases of cars with petrol engines
9. The power supply system of diesel engines
10. System of prestarting heating of diesel engines
11. System of release of the fulfilled gases of cars with diesel engines
12. Greasing system
13. Cooling system
14. Coupling
15. A transmission
16. Shaft of a drive of forward wheels
17. Features of a design of transmission of all-wheel drive cars
18. A suspension bracket
19. Wheels and tyres
20. A steering
21. Brake system
22. A body
23. Heating and air-conditioning system
24. An electric equipment
25. Electric schemes


1.4. Installation of mirrors

Internal mirror
Rear-view mirror regulate by means of the drive lever. The mirror can be established lever turn in one or the other positions.
In a substantive provision the lever from below mirrors should be directed forward.
For an exception of blinding action of headlights going behind the car change a mirror angle of slope, having moved the lever back.

External standard mirror

Fig. 1–10. An arrangement of the switch of an external mirror

External mirrors with the electric drive are established at the included ignition by means of the adjusting disk located in an armrest of a door (fig. 1–10).
The mirror moves in the direction corresponding to the pressed arrow on a disk.
Pressing of left button L regulate a mirror from outside the driver, pressing of right button R – a mirror from outside the forward passenger.
At failure of electric adjustment position of mirrors can be changed manually, pressing mirror edges.
At inclusion of transfer of a backing the mirror turns a little downwards if the button of adjustment of an external mirror of the forward passenger is included.
Thanks to it at a parking visibility right бордюрного a stone is provided.
At deenergizing of transfer of a backing the mirror automatically occupies a starting position.

Mirror with folding function
By means of the handle of adjustment A (fig. 1–11) from outside the driver it is possible to combine an external mirror from outside the forward passenger and the driver.

Fig. 1–11. Positions of the switch of a mirror with folding function: 1 – neutral position; 2 – both external mirrors develop; And – the handle of adjustment of a mirror; In – the switch of position of an external mirror; L – the external mirror of the driver develops; R – the external mirror of the forward passenger develops

The handle has four positions:
1 – neutral position;
L – there is an external mirror from outside the driver;
R – there is an external mirror from outside the forward passenger;
2 – there are both external mirrors.
Folding is recommended, for example, for protection of mirrors against damage at a parking of the car or movement in the constrained conditions.
The mirror develops according to the pressed arrow on a disk.

If position of the case of an external mirror owing to power influence has changed (for example, at a contact of other car at maneuvering), it is necessary to press both mirrors against the stop to a body by means of the electric drive. In no event it is impossible to redeem position of a mirror by a hand not to break the mechanism of installation of a mirror.
If there is a danger of damage of cases of external mirrors, it is possible to interrupt process of pressing of mirrors to a body and their returnings in a starting position.

Memory for external mirrors
The cars equipped with the device of storing of positions, are equipped also by memory of positions of external mirrors.
Any established position of external mirrors automatically is brought in a memory at storing of adjustments of a seat of the driver.
Before it is necessary to adjust position of a seat of the driver, and then to establish mirrors according to position of a seat of the driver.

Heating of mirrors
Heating of external mirrors with the electric drive is carried out at the included ignition and heating of back glass.

1.3. Electric glass elevators

1.5. Seat belts