Repair and service Audi A8 in body D2 with 1994 for 1999 of release.
1. Car operation
2. Maintenance service
3. Petrol engines of 2,8 l
4. Petrol engines of 3,7 and 4,2 l
5. Diesel engines of 2,5 l
6. Diesel engines of 3,3 l
7. Systems of ignition and injection of fuel of petrol engines
8. System of release of the fulfilled gases of cars with petrol engines
9. The power supply system of diesel engines
10. System of prestarting heating of diesel engines
11. System of release of the fulfilled gases of cars with diesel engines
12. Greasing system
13. Cooling system
14. Coupling
15. A transmission
16. Shaft of a drive of forward wheels
17. Features of a design of transmission of all-wheel drive cars
18. A suspension bracket
19. Wheels and tyres
19.1. The general data
19.2. Indicators of deterioration of tyres
19.3. Gate check
19.4. Disks and tyres
19.5. Replacement of wheels
19.6. Bolts - секретки for fastening of wheels
20. A steering
21. Brake system
22. A body
23. Heating and air-conditioning system
24. An electric equipment
25. Electric schemes

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19.5. Replacement of wheels

Remove a decorative cap of a wheel.
On the car standing on the earth, include a lay brake and loosen the bolts of fastening of a wheel.
Lift the corresponding party of the car and fix on supports.
Disks from easy alloys are protected from corrosion by a transparent varnish. Be careful not to damage a varnish covering. At covering damage cover a disk with a varnish coat.
For an exception прикипания disks of wheels to a nave before wheel installation apply a thin film greasings on the fillet of a nave aligning a disk.
The zinced bolts of wheels can be applied only on steel stamped disks.
Disks from easy alloys fasten only the chromeplated bolts with the conic rotating washer established under a head of a bolt. It protects a disk surface at a tightening of bolts.
Before ввинчиванием do not grease a carving of bolts of fastening of a wheel.
Tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel in regular intervals in some stages on a diagonal.
The moment of an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a wheel 120 Нм.

19.4. Disks and tyres

19.6. Bolts - секретки for fastening of wheels